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Nov 13, 2015 | Sparkly Love

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One of the greatest feelings I get to experience is when someone comes up to me and tells me that they just quit their day job to pursue their dreams full time. Over the 7 years we have been running Make It, there have been more people than I can count who have shared this special moment with me. The look on their face when they describe how happy and ecstatic they are to now be able to make a living doing the work they feel like they were on this planet to do is priceless. I’m tearing up now because I’m so touched and moved every time I get to share in this glory. It’s magnificent!

I love to discover how people’s minds work and what motivates them to do what they do. I’m also a big nerd so I read as much as possible about human psychology, and constantly discover how my own brain works. It’s kind of an obsession, and since I just got back from Tony Robbins a few weeks ago, I have been listening to his videos non-stop. They can be repetitive, but the more I listen, the more the messages get reinforced into my brain and the more I understand them.

As I’ve learned, what greatly determines someone’s success is the difference between what they feel they ‘must’ and ‘should’ do. If you must workout you will be fit, if you should there’s a good chance you aren’t. This is the same thing for everything in life. What you must; you do, what you should; well you usually don’t. The only difference between the two is the intensity and belief of the feeling. When you turn your should into a must you also don’t need willpower because it will become automatic.

Another reason why people are able live the life they desire, is because of their standards. Pretty regularly I have people come up to me and ask me how I’m able to travel as much as I do. At first it was hard for me to answer this, but now I realize it’s because of a standard I set for myself. I decided about 10 years ago that I wanted to travel all over the world on a regular basis and therefor that became my standard. It’s also a must not a should for me.

Anyone who does anything that’s sustainable in business, sports or academics is able to do so because of their standards. In the long run, you are only accountable to yourself so if you don’t set high enough standards in all areas of your life you won’t be able to achieve what you dream of. Not only do you have to set standards, but you have to consistently raise them because lasting happiness comes from progression. If you’re not pushing yourself to grow and expand, it’s impossible to be happy for very long. Humans need progression to feel satisfaction.

Once you set your standard, they only way to sustain them is with rituals. These are the small daily actions you take. Examples would be doing meditation and stretches in the morning to ensure you feel centered and limber during the day. For your business it could be sending out your orders on time or attending regular entrepreneur meet ups. Anything that helps you maintain and live up to your standards.

If you are not content with your life, it could be because your standards are too low. You might also be doing detrimental rituals like drinking too much, not exercising and spending lots of time on social media.  I’m not saying this to be critical, but you also have to be honest with yourself. I’ve gone through many times in my life where I’ve had to raise my standard and turn around certain behaviours that I knew weren’t serving me.

One of the most important things that shapes your life, is who you spend your time with. We become the people we associate with, so have a careful look around your social circle. Make sure they are people who inspire, love and motivate you to be your best self. If not, reconsider how much time you spend with them. Creating a supportive group of likeminded people is the most incredible gift.

Creating the life that you want and living to your fullest potential requires you to step up and understand how fabulous, amazing and powerful you really are. It’s easy to stay at a comfortable level that’s on par with everyone else. Most people do exactly this. But comfort get’s incredibly boring after a while, and you will always have that nagging voice in your head that asks “what if?”

When I see how lit up the people are who come to me and tell me how outstanding it feels to be able to put their dreams first and do the work that they are meant to do, it’s the most beautiful sight. Spread your wings and trust that you have everything inside of you to live a remarkable life. Set those standards high, strengthen your rituals and surround yourself with Rockstars and there won’t be anything that can stop you!






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