If not now, then when?

Mar 30, 2020 | Conscious Lab, Entrepreneur

It’s remarkable how adaptable human beings really are. You’ve likely been in some sort of quarantine for the past two weeks or so. At first, it probably felt really overwhelming, scary, and almost surreal. Time also might have taken on a whole new sense and meaning.

But as we come to terms with the idea that this might be a while, there’s a sense of comfort and peace that ironically comes with the uncertainty. Our current reality is staying inside and physically avoiding one other. Who would have ever guessed this would be how we now live.

I’ve had days that are very very hard – to the point I almost feel immobilized by grief. I’ve often felt on the verge of tears because of an insurmountable feeling of helplessness. Not knowing how bad this all could get is something that we’re just not used to, at least not here. It’s foreign to us.

And then I have days where I actually feel really good. There’s a sense of community and connection like never before. I’ve been talking to friends daily via Zoom, Facebook, FaceTime, and Houseparty. In a way I feel connected to them now more than I have before.

We really are all in this together, and we’re experiencing very similar feelings and emotions as a collective.

What we’re feelings connect us to not only people in our own community, but to people all over the world. There’s not one person on the planet who isn’t affected by this pandemic. It’s the ultimate equalizer.

One word that’s been used a lot over the past month or so is unprecedented. This is a word that I’ve heard before, but until this pandemic hit, I didn’t really fully understand what it meant. And now, as we’re living through an unprecedented time, we’re experiencing a whole new way of being in the world, and there’s unity in that.

As entrepreneurs, we have an ability to handle uncertainty, probably more so than other people. This is a skill that allows us to be adaptable and successful. But also, as business owners, planning and thinking into the future is something we thrive on, and some something we need to do in order to innovate and create. It can be really challenging when you don’t have a timeline to plan ahead.

The spiritual practice of this all is being present, REALLY resent. And as simple as it may sound, taking each day as it comes. If we allow it, this time and space allows for an abundance of creativity. Now’s the time to create, now’s the time to innovate, now’s the time to do all those things that we’ve put off for “someday.”

This pandemic is unprecedented because we’ll probably never experienced anything quite like it again in our lifetime. As long as we can keep ourselves and our families and friends safe and healthy, I feel will look back at this experience as a turning point in time where we not only came together as humans, but also looked at what we’re doing to our planet.

One thing I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, is to create a video podcast. So instead of just talking about it, I decided to order some equipment from Amazon. I’ve been thinking about buying equipment for a long time but for some reason I had to put it off for “someday.”

Instead of procrastinating any longer, I recently took some action and set up a little home recording studio (you can have a look on my IG). This is a space I can play around and do some of these things that have been on my mind for a long time, but for some reason I hadn’t given myself permission to make it happen.

As hard as this emotional processing can be, I do think, if you can take a step back and take a deep breath It really is such a beautiful opportunity to answer the call within your heart. It’s probably been with you for a long time, and one thing I know for myself I don’t want to regret not trying.

What does your heart want to create?

Now’s the time to rise up and make it happen. If not now, then when?


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