How to Keep Yourself and Your Business Healthy

Mar 23, 2020 | Entrepreneur, In The Community

With so much negativity happening in the world right now, my intention is to deliver some levity, inspiration, and hopefully a bit of joy to your inbox. Plus, you’ve already been told to wash your hands for the millionth time, and have likely stocked up on enough pasta and online yoga subscriptions to get you through the next several months! What I’m here to offer is my own understanding and perspective on how you as a small business owner can mentally and spiritually get through the next foreseeable future.


My businesses Make It and Conscious Lab have been severely impacted. Events are my world, and pretty much my only source of income. It’s been a challenging few weeks, and I’ve had to do a lot of processing in order to keep my mental health on track. I’ve leaned heavily on my spiritual practice and also developed more of an appreciation for what I do have in each moment. 


What I feel our present circumstance brings us is a lot of opportunity for growth and healing. I’m not undermining the severity of what is happening around the world right now, but one of the lessons I’ve learned from having gone through some past trauma is that we always have a choice in how we see any circumstance and situation. This is no different. 


Right now in Canada we have such an advantage because of all the information we’ve received from other countries. We also have a leader who maybe isn’t always the best, but let’s face it, he certainly isn’t the worst! As citizens of this country we can take proactive actions to keep ourselves safe and weather this storm together. From my perspective it seems like we are taking it seriously which is hopeful. 


One of the (many) advantages of owning your own business, is you have even more freedom and opportunity to choose how you live. I would imagine you’re probably cozily quarantined at home right now. To be honest I’m actually really excited to create a creative sanctuary where I can bring some of the ideas I’ve been putting off to life. If not now, then when?


Something I’ve been putting off is writing! I love expressing myself through words, but I often don’t give myself the time of space to hunker down and do it. I’m not always sure why I don’t give myself permissions, because whenever I do it always feels really good. It’s also one way I can share some of what I know with others, which just feels really good. 


To help you get though this massive transition we’re all currently facing, here are some helpful tips I’ve been tapping into over the past several days:


1. Daily commitment to my morning routine. Right now I have zeros excuses to not to do it, and I definitely notice a massive difference when I’m lazy and skip it. Here’s what I do to start my day. 

  • Write in my Five Minute Journal which is really a short form gratitude journal. 
  • Do breathwork for 10-15 mins. Right now Orson and I are following the Wim Hof app which is free and easy to use.
  • Meditate for 20mins. I practice Trancendental Meditation (TM) but I also really love Headspace.
  • Drink a crazy healthy green  (or sometimes an ugly purple if I add blueberries) smoothie.

2. Having clear goals of what I want to accomplish for each day, week, and month. Without some discipline I fall apart. Accountability to yourself is super important right now. I write these down and look at them so I won’t get off track.

3. Being open to refocus and pivot everything I’m doing. Right now there’s no point planning events because we have no idea when things will be back to normal. I’m instead changing my focus to accomplishing projects that I’ve always wanted to do but have put on the back burner because I didn’t have the bandwidth to do them. 

4. Scheduling at least 2 phone/Zoom meetings that are either productive and/or inspiring. This helps with feeling lonely and also keeps me accountable and on track. All my meeting are also in aliment to getting me closer to accomplishing my bigger goals.

5. Giving back and focusing on projects that help others. Right now it’s hard to hustle for dollars. Not only does it look distasteful when people are sick and dying, but also no on is opening their wallets for anything non essential. Do work that helps the community and not only will you feel better, but you will also benefit in the long game.  

6. Doing something creative just for the hell of it! I haven’t done this yet, but I’m going to dig up my knitting needles, dust off my paints and get crafty. Nothing I make will probably be Make It worthy, but I know it will feel good for my soul. 

7. Allowing myself time for fun, silliness, and escapism. Right now one of my biggest joys is getting outside and walking along the seawall, or driving out into the woods for a hike. I’ve always enjoyed these activities, but now it’s a whole new level. Orson and I’ve also had many kitchen dance parties where we blast throwback songs and let it all out! Again, this is nothing new to us, but it just feels so much sweeter now. Also, we’ve been watching lighthearted, upbeat movies almost every night. 


What are you tips for surviving the pandemic both personally and for your business? Please share because I would love to hear them.


Take care of yourself, and stay strong. I really feel we’ll get through this and be even BETTER versions of ourselves! 




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