Why is it so scary to be seen?!

Jul 8, 2020 | Conscious Lab, Make It, Make It Happen

Being truly seen can feel overwhelming, heart wrenching, and f*cking scary. To have people really see you means you’re opening yourself up to judgement, criticism, and worst of all being misunderstood. What could possibly be worth feeling like this??

But what if this wasn’t true? 

I know for myself I’m consistently poking my head out, and then going back into my shell when the feeling of uncertainty starts to be too strong. It’s frustrating because I know there’s a lot of freedom in being fully expressed, but the fear can be overpowering.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea and having conversations with my friends about why there are so many strong feelings that surface when we start to put ourselves out there. Taking one little step after another can work at first, but we often get spooked and run for cover. Ahhhhh!

What I’ve learned through my conversations, self reflection, and consuming a ton of content, is it’s ok to feel scared, overwhelmed, intolerable, awkward, silly, and even shame. In fact, it’s normal.

The work is building up tolerance for these less than fuzzy feelings because they are not going to go away.

I used to feel that I was doing the “wrong thing” if it felt uncomfortable in my body. To me it singled that I wasn’t on the right path and somehow didn’t have what it took to make it happen.

My practice now is to allow those unsavoury feelings to come up, and feel them all. At first it’s far from pleasant, but after a while I realized it’s not too bad. As a result, I’ve strengthened my tolerance like I would a muscle at the gym.

When we can allow for thoughts, feelings and emotions to flow through us, there’s also the realization not all of them are even ours. I believe strongly in a collective consciousness where we share some of the same ideas because we tune into them like a radio signal.

I’ve gotten into the practice of asking myself if certain low vibration thoughts are even my own, or am I simply picking up on most tuned into radio station at the moment. This was especially true when Covid first hit and there was SO much uncertainty in the air. Fear FM!

Being seen for our flaws also means we are seen for our greatness, which arguably can be even more frightening. But, as I’ve learned from my own experience from running Make It, Conscious Lab and now Make It Happen Mastermind, the more we keep on inching forward, the easier it gets.

At the end of the day no one really cares as much as we think they do. And if they care too much, that’s on them. It’s a humbling and empowering idea to keep in mind.

If you have ideas you’d like to share with me around this subject, please hit reply. You can also follow me on IG where I post videos about things I’m thinking of. I also have the cutest kitty ever, so if you’re a cat lover follow Biscuit the Ragdoll for cute overload!

I’m currently full for the Make It Happen Mastermind, but if this is up your alley, I’m going to be launching an online course this fall. Stay tuned.

Sending lots of love and good vibes your way! Keep inching forward.


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