The importance of showing up

Oct 9, 2013 | Sparkly Love

You know the feeling when you are supposed to go to a business or social event, but you’re tired, feeling antisocial, have SO much work to do, don’t want to go out in the rain…<insert lame excuse here>. I used to feel this way all the time and for a while I would bail if those feeling crept in. Instead of going to an event that initially wanted to go to, I would stay at home home, put on my pyjama pants and convenience myself that I made the right decision. I would tell myself that I probably wasn’t missing much anyway. But the real reason I didn’t want to go was because I was scared.

I have been making a lot of changes in my life lately, and one of those is following through on all commitments unless I really can’t make it. I am not letting that naggy little voice who tell me that I would be better off to stay at home (i.e. be lame) win. By doing this, the most amazing things have been happening! I have been meeting so many new people that are really cool and interesting. Plus when I talk about the Make It Happen documentary, there are lots who are able to help me, or connect me to other people who can. It’s been awesome, plus I’ve been coming home feeling excited and inspired. I would have never met any of these people if I just stayed at home in my PJs!

Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes you have to skip out on events and social engagements. If you go to everything you are invited to, you’ll likely get burned out and exhausted. Plus it can be amazing to stay at home and be cozy! But make sure you are not going for the right reasons. If the reasons you don’t want to go is fear based, you need to tell your fear to screw off!

Here are some examples of fear based excuses:

  • Everyone there will be more successful than me
  • Everyone probably already knows each other
  • I have nothing to talk about
  • I don’t feel like meeting anyone new tonight
  • My business isn’t big/good enough to talk about yet
  • I don’t have any business cards
  • I just feel a little out of my league
  • My cat wanted to hangout tonight so I should stay home and hangout with my cat
  • You’re PJs are way more comfortable than your real clothes

It is ok to think these thing before going to an event and you likely will. I know I do all the time (except the cat one because I don’t have a cat!) but that’s ok. It’s just some internal resistance that is preventing you from reaching your highest potential. Don’t let those voices in your head fool you, because they are not accurate representations of reality.

You are enough at this very moment. There is nothing more you need to prepare yourself to get out there and share your dreams with the world. Be in the moment and allow connections and opportunities to come your way naturally…because they will, but only is you show up.

You’re PJs and cat are great, but it’s time to start leaving them at home.

I encourage you to show up!

Sparkly love,


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