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Oct 18, 2016 | Sparkly Love


I’m writing this from Edmonton which has just received an early snowfall. I’m here visiting my parent’s for Thanksgiving, and it’s a stark difference from tropical Bali! I’ve only been back for just over a week, and my tan is sadly starting to fade and I’m getting used to wearing socks and shoes once again. If you haven’t been following my adventures, you can check out my last post here which will bring you up to speed.

The reason for traveling to Bali was to have the quiet solace to write a book that’s been brewing in my heart for a while. I finally got to the point where I just had to go, so I looked online and shockingly found a flight for $670! I am so fortunate to have been able to spend 3 weeks on the magical island that put a spell on me during my trip last year.

When I first arrived at my hotel in Bali, I gave myself a couple days of downtime to recharge and get caught up on sleep. I knew if I pushed myself I would not be able to flow with the inspiration I needed. I ended up staying at the same hotel as last year and even got my very favorite room for a couple nights. The reason I love this room so much is because it has a massive terrace with a daybed overlooking the brilliant green rice fields. To see photos from my trip click here.

After a few days of rest and a good $15 massage (I know right), I was ready to rock! I set the intention to be gentle with myself and allow what needed to come to come. Normally I have a bit of an A-type personality that creeps in and causes me to push to make things happen. But this time I captured the spirit of Bali and allowed them to unfold naturally.

It was pretty incredible what unfolded over the next few weeks! I created a little schedule for myself where I sat at my computer for few hours after breakfast and just wrote what felt good to write. Sometimes I needed to look at the outline I originally created for the book. Other times it was like my little fingers has minds of their own and would blaze across my keyboard.

There were moments where I would look at my word count and think holy shit, how the heck did I write that much!? This felt really awesome and I know the magic of Bali likely had something to do with it. I was also fortunate to meet some very inspiring people on my trip who gave me new insight and ideas to write about. Our conversations and their enthusiasm for what I was doing made me feel that I was on the right track.

Besides writing I practiced yoga, went to group meditations, took a singing class (by mistake!) and did my favorite thing in the world, ecstatic dance. If you aren’t familiar with what this is, it’s basically a big dance party with a couple hundred people. The only difference is you aren’t allowed to speak to one another and instead communicate with your body. The reason I love it so much is because I’m able to drop into body and turn off my brain. The feeling is truly liberating and I highly recommend it! Ask Mr. Google for more info.

Since I’ve been back home, it’s honestly been harder to find the time to write. We also have Make It coming up right around the corner, so I feel the pressure of that. I know in order to complete the book I will have to make writing a priority again, because otherwise it just won’t get done.

At least now when I sit down in front of my computer, I still get that happy, peaceful, tranquil Bali vibe flowing through my fingers. They know what to do, all I have to do is open my heart and stay out of the way. This might sound kinda weird, but it’s exactly what I did over the course of my 3 weeks there, and I’m proud to say I’m over 30,000 words into my very first book!

Something else I’m very excited about is my upcoming event Make It Talks on October 20th. It’s a speaker series in Vancouver for the creative community. Our topic for the evening is getting ready for craft fair season and we have a rockstar lineup of Makies taking the stage. Sarah MulderJon ShawLana Bettyand I will be sharing our knowledge and wisdom of how to maximize the lucrative holiday season. Tickets are only $20 ($25 at the door) and selling fast! As a special bonus to you, use the coupon code ‘Makies’ for an extra $5 off. Buy tickets here. It’s going to be super fun too so make sure you come and check it out. Please share the event with any friends who might want to come with you on Facebook.

Thanks you so much and I hope to see your smiling face at Make It Talks 🙂

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