How I conquered one of my biggest fears using positive energy

May 18, 2018 | Conscious Lab, Entrepreneur

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There are some days that take on a life of their own, and lead to unexpected magical moments that you could never predict when you first open your eyes and climb out of bed. The twist and unexpected turns lead you to opportunities and experiences that you could have never seen coming. Yesterday was one of those days.


May is an interesting month for me. Make It wrapped up at the end of April, and then the following week was my birthday. As much as I love to celebrate, I often find I’m still very exhausted for a few weeks after the shows. This year we had Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver over the span of 5 weeks, and even though I was thrilled with how well all 3 went, I’m always relieved when they are over too. We are now in our 10th year, but I still treat each Make It show like it’s my first. I think because my amazing team and I keep hungry the show remains at the level it is. We’re confident, but we still hustle hard to make sure the Makies are happy.


For our birthdays, my brother Chandler and I traditionally take each other on adventure/activity day. Instead of worrying about buying each other a gift, we use the opportunity to have a shared experience that provides memories that we can look back at and smile. This year Chandler definitely outdid himself!


Our original plan was to go on a hike and then to the Scandinave Spa in Whistler. It’s one of my favourite places to relax and unwind so it seemed like the perfect spot to celebrate my birthday. Combined with a beautiful hike, I knew it was going to be an awesome day.


After getting a bit of late start, we made our way towards Whistler and stopped in Squamish to get some much needed coffee and a pre hike snack. Neither of us were very familiar with hikes around Whistler, so Chandler reached out to a friend who he thought could offer some insight. She gave us some suggestions, and then told us instead of hiking and the spa, we should go bungee jumping!


When Chandler told me her idea, I immediately thought “I can’t go bungee jumping.” I’m totally afraid of heights, and the thought of jumping off a bridge made me nauseous. I told him I would go zip lining because I’ve done it before, and felt it would be a thrill without being completely terrifying. I could tell Chandler was equally as nervous about the idea of free falling, but he kept on pushing for bungee jumping.


After calling to inquire about availability, we decided we’d just drive up there and take our chances. I was secretly hoping Chandler would change his mind, but instead he told me to grab his credit card and book 2 spots online. I was shaking and sweating as I carefully entered our names into the form. It was incredibly exciting and terrifying all at one!


My navigation skills were slightly off (who knows, maybe I was subconsciously sabotaging the plan because of fear), so we arrived at Whistler Bungee Jumping with very little time to spare befor our jump. Driving down the winding road towards the bridge I decided I needed to make a switch in my state if I was going to have the courage to make the jump. The decision I made was to channel all the energy in my body from nervousness to excitement!


One of the ways I did this was pulling out my phone and documenting the experience through Instagram Stories (you can watch everything by looking at my highlights). I’m not usually a big IG story person, but it relaxed me to take little videos and snap photos of what it looked and felt like before the jump. Plus, I knew if I documented the lead up I would have no choice but to do it!


Yesterday was also one of those rare May days that feels like summer has fully arrived. It was 27 degrees, and there were hardly any clouds in the sky. Looking over the bridge, seeing the rushing stream below and thinking I’m going to free fall towards it, is a feeling I can only describe as total exhilaration. On one hand I felt like I was going to have panic attack and totally freak out, and on the other I felt a sense of thrill of what the experience would actually feel like.


Chandler was the second jumper in our group, and being the big sis, I was tasked with recording his jump. Even though my hands were vibrating, I channeled my excitement and took a bunch of photos and videos of his leap. Being able to record the moment when he was pulled up was priceless. The look on Chandler’s face said it all. He was fully alive and awake!


Then it was my turn. I tried my best to keep a brave face as I was harnessed in and told the dos and don’ts of bungee jumping. My defence mechanism for fear tends to be smiling and laughter! I know that sounds strange, but I’ve gotten through some pretty sticky life situations with levity.


Walking out onto the platform and looking down 160ft knowing I would be the one making the decision to overcome a big fear was one of the most liberating moments I’ve experienced. The intention I made was to leap into the unknown, knowing I was safe. It was the ultimate test of trust and surrender.


The jump itself was over before I knew it, and I think I might have blacked out for part of it too. There was the rush of the fall immediately followed by the delightful feeling of bouncing up and down on the cord. Because it was such a glorious day, and my body was amped on adrenaline, I remember feeling this was the closest I’ve ever gotten to flying.


As I was pulled up, I felt a surge of pride and accomplishment. I DID IT! The photographer and staff told me I was the happiest bungee jumper they have ever seen. You can check out my photos on Instagram to see my post jump delight. There’s only been a few times in my life where I’m able to recall feeling this way.


After looking through all of the photos the onsite photographer took, we made the decision to buy them. Even though they seemed overpriced and normally I wouldn’t bother, there was something about how genuinely happy we looked that felt like it was worth it. Those moments are ones I’ll look back at and smile for years to come.


To reground ourselves, we hiked up to Brandywine Falls. Both Chandler and I were flying high and excitedly talked about how awesome we felt, and how grateful we both were for choosing to do something that originally scared the shit out of us! The liberation that comes from making the decision and then going for it is one that will stay with me forever. I also now can also see why people are so in love with bungee jumping.


We rounded out the day with dinner at Howe Sound in Squamish, which has an amazing view of The Chief. It was so much fun to look over our crazy photos and reflect on how unexpectedly awesome the day had been. I laughed because the original plan was to chill at the Scandinave Spa, and then instead we had an experience that was the polar opposite!


I had a hard time coming down from the excitement, so as soon as Chandler dropped me off, I jumped on my bike to check out the drum circle at Third Beach in Stanley Park. This weekly gathering is one of my favorite thing about summer in Vancouver. The vibe of people drumming and dancing together is magical because it connects people in a way not many events in Vancouver do.


As I was dancing in the sand I had a strong impulse to ride home so I could wake up early the next day and write this post. I’m naturally not an early riser, and often struggle to get going in the morning. I dealt with horrible insomnia a few years ago, and even since then I have a sensitivity to giving my body enough time to sleep.


But just like with bungee jumping, I knew it was a case of mind over matter, so I set my alarm for 6:00am so I could arrive at Conscious Lab around 8:00am to write this post before Team Make It arrived. As I’m sitting here I have the understanding that life is all about the decisions you make that don’t feel easy. 48 hours ago I would have NEVER imagined I would be a bungee jumper and now I am. I also believed if I woke up at 6:00 I would be exhausted all day, but I’m not.


What I love most about life is you never fully know where it will take you. It’s hard to believe that Make It has been going for 10 years, and that the shows are now in 3 cities. I could have NEVER predicted that. Also, my first book Make It Happen is coming out this fall. Another thing I would haven’t been able to predict I would do.


Don’t limit yourself to the things you believe you can and cannot achieve. Other people give us titles, but we also give them to ourselves. I always said I was afraid of heights and wasn’t a morning person, and just like that I’ve proved myself wrong. Who knows, maybe the next birthday adventure will be skydiving!


If you’re interested in learning more about channeling energy, my friend Tien Neo Eamas and I are hosting a workshop at Conscious Lab on June 13th called: Choosing Joy – How to attract more customers using positive energy. This is going to be a magical and inspiring evening that will teach you simple techniques to raise your vibe to attract more customers and sales. Early bird tickets are available until June 6 for only $20! Please invite your conscious, likeminded friend on Facebook.


Thank you for your ongoing support, and I would love to hear your stories of conquering your own fears 😉


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