A lesson in surrender

Oct 17, 2012 | Sparkly Love

Last Wednesday I had the woozy, lightheaded, hot/cold sensation, which only means one thing. My body had finally given in to the nasty cold bug that is always seems to be going around this time of year. At first I was in denial and thought if I just drink a lot of orange juice and drop oil or oregano in my water, I will wake up the next morning and feel totally fine. It was misleading too, because last Wednesday I had Holiday Craft Show Bootcamp with 10 lovely ladies and their amazing, vibrant energy temporarily made me feel so much better. But needless to say, on Thursday morning I could barely get out of bed.

My first reaction was panic. I can’t get sick. I have way too much to do! We are moving next weekend and Make It Vancouver is less than a month away. Maybe if I will myself into feeling better I can trick my body (I am SO type-A sometimes!) but obviously the more I thought about how I can’t get sick, the worse I felt. One of the things that was stressing me out the most was getting ready for Knit City, which is a yarn and fibre festival I signed up for months ago. It was on weekend and I was obsessing about how to display everything in my booth, and all the items I still needed to organize. It tuned into this gigantic production that I played over and over again in my head. How was I going to be able to do this feeling so sick? When I was finally able to move around a little bit on Friday night, I timidly asked my boyfriend Neil if he could give me a hand and we quickly were able to get everything done. Why had I been thinking this was going to be so hard or that I couldn’t ask for him for help?!

On Saturday I was still feeling super sick and had no idea of how I was going get through the weekend at a trade show. I recently brought on 2 fabulous interns and had thought the 3 of us could work the booth all weekend. I could teach them lots of stuff and we could get all sorts of things done. It took a lot for me to realize that by staying there was not a wise decision and to instead let them take care of the booth so I could go home to rest. Why had I been putting so much pressure on myself to be there all weekend?!

By Sunday my cold had gone deep into my lungs and it was hard to even take deep breaths. I stayed in bed most of the day and then thought about a way to pick up all my show gear up after Knit City was over. I could take a cab there and back which would cost about $60, or maybe brave the cold rain and take the bus there and then cab back. But then I realized I could probably just ask my brother Chandler who has a car and lives a whole lot closer just to pick it up for me. And guess what, he totally agreed! No stress or worry for me.

Sometimes as entrepreneurs we get so caught up in doing absolutely everything ourselves. What I realized over this past weekend, is that it is ok to surrender and let other people step in and help. They might not do it the same way as you, but at the end of the day who really cares! It will allow you to focus on the things that are way more important. Like in my case, taking care of my health and getting over this nasty bug! Btw I am feeling much better, but DO take care of yourself because there is a lot flu going around. I also know if I didn’t allow other people to help me out over the weekend I would probably be a whoooole lot sicker this week!

What can you let someone help you out with today? How you can surrender and trust that everything will work out?

Sparkly love,


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