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Aug 6, 2015 | Sparkly Love

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It seems like whenever you ask people what they really want in life, they pretty much always say it’s to be happy. Happiness is the best so it makes sense why we want to feel it. The struggle is often how to get more, and how to make it last. You have to also figure out what happiness feels like in your own body so you are able to recognize it when you have it. For me, it’s the feeling of being totally alive and awake and that nothing else matters except the present moment. I also experience happiness as elation, fun, fulfilment and total blissed out joy!

Last weekend I was at the Wanderlust Festival in Whistler and had some profound moments of extreme happiness that I would love to share with you. My intention is that they will help you to feel better in your own life. Yoga, dance and music are three of my favourite things, so when I see them combined I know it’s an opportunity that I can’t miss. Whistler is also one of my favourite places in the world. I think one of the biggest perks of being an entrepreneur, is waking up early on a weekday and skiing. There’s never anyone there, and on a blue bird day I don’t think you can get closer to heaven!

I go up to Whistler a lot in the winter, but I haven’t spent much time there in the summer, so I was really excited to experience the mountains without snow. Wanderlust is a traveling festival that combines yoga, music, meditation, spirituality and dance. It’s something I’ve been interested in going to for years but the timing never worked out. When some of my friends said they were heading up and had already booked a hotel, I know it was meant to be.

My yoga practice can be all over the place. When I get into it, I go a few times a week but usually in the summer there are so many other activities I love doing, so I don’t get to class nearly as often. As much as I see a home practice being a great idea, I never have the discipline to stick to it regularly. But, having attended two retreats this year I know how amazing my body feels when I do a ton of yoga.

Before arriving at Wanderlust we had to register for the classes we wanted to attend. This was completely overwhelming and my FOMO kicked into high gear because there were so many classes that looked amazing, but I knew I would only be able to go to a fraction of them. Luckily when we arrived, we were told the schedule was flexible and we could switch classes last minute based on how we felt. Thank goodness!

The instructors that teach at Wanderlust come from all over, and it was such a treat to be able to learn from some incredibly powerful people. My favourite class was with MC Yogi who is a rapper/yoga instructor from San Francisco. He is an incredible poet and has charisma, love and light shooting out of his eyeballs! Plus MC Yogi is so hilarious I found it difficult to hold some of the poses because I was laughing so hard! If you ever have the chance to check him out I would highly recommend it. The energy of laughing and silliness feels so incredible when you are doing yoga.

Another highlight of Wanderlust was grooving to Michael Franti and then dancing down the streets of Whistler to the hippest marching band ever! The sight of hundred of people laughing, signing and moving their bodies was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. Everyone was so free and open and having the best time! It’s a moment that will stay in my heart forever. The power of happiness is explosive when people experience it together.

On our last day in Whistler my friend and I took the gondola and chair lift up to the very top of Whistler Mountain. It was about 25 degrees and although I had a very late night, I felt so alive and great in my body. Being so high up and looking down at the village made me realize how lucky and blessed I truly am. The view from up there is also a strong reminder of how beautiful our Earth is, and how we need to take better care of it.

What I learned about happiness at Wanderlust, is to feel it you have to let go of any expectations of what it should be. Good vibes come from getting out of your head and into your body and heart. For me, yoga, dance and music are the best ways to get to this feeling super fast. When they are combined along with other likeminded humans, the results are ridiculous!

I know being able to go to festival and events like Wanderlust is such a privilege and I feel very fortunate I was able to attend. But, you don’t have to leave your cozy home to experience extreme happiness results! The key is figuring out what make you feel really REALLY good, and then combine that with being present, loving and alive when you do it. This could be sports, running, making love, crafting, cooking, eating, etc. The key is to not expect anything, just drop down into your body and heart. If you have trouble with this, start by feeling your feet on the ground. When you are able to ground yourself into the earth this tricks your brian into slowing down and increases your body awareness. Also, take 3 long breaths and count up to 6 for each. This help you with focusing your consciousness.

I think ultimate happiness comes from having the best time with what you’ve got. Life is as fun and awesome as you believe it is, so make it happy!

Namaste 🙂



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