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Jan 14, 2016 | Sparkly Love


Are you a fast walker? Does it feel like you run around like a decapitated chicken? Do slow drivers make you crazy? Is you mind always racing ahead and you feel like you are rarely in the moment? If this sounds like you, I can totally relate.

I love going fast! I walk, talk, work, move, read, think, decide and do most things in my life at a quick pace. This has been something I’ve always done and I think it stems from wanting to get the most out my time on this planet. In many ways doing things quickly can be an advantage. I’ve built two successful companies and have created a lifestyle where I can travel for a large chunk of the year. If I worked slower I’m not sure if I would be where I’m at today.

The buzzing feeling I get when I’m highly caffeinated and doing a million things all at once is something that used to feel normal for me. I enjoyed the little energy whirlwind that I spend most of my day in. I can achieve massive results and it’s very exciting.

But, one of the downfalls of living my life at this pace has been brutal insomnia and all the nasty side effects that surround lack of sleep. My adrenal glands and cortisol levels are also completely out of whack which has caused other health problems. I now realize that going fast for so many years has taken a toll on my body.

I went to see my naturopath and told her that I want to make some changes in how I feel. She gave me a list of things to do to help balance out my system and become more grounded.

This is what she recommends:

  1. Cut out caffeine completely and instead drink hot lemon water in the morning (ugh!)
  2. Drink a tea blend called Nerves 3 times a day which is available at Finlandia
  3. Take a supplement called Serenity Formula
  4. Take a probiotic called Ultimate Flora
  5. Hum to myself everyday. Apparently this helps calm the nervous system. Think of it like a kitty purring
  6. Lay on my yoga mat and breath into my lower back
  7. Walk slowly. This one is the hardest for me! I do it around my condo and it drives me insane, but apparently it’s really good for rewiring your nervous system

One thing I chose to do on my own was to cut out alcohol for a month. It’s been just over 2 weeks now, and I have to say my sleeping has improved immensely. I find that I go to bed much earlier and I wake up way earlier too, which is great for getting more done. Also, because I’m rested I have way more energy and I have been able to workout more so I feel amazing. On the weekend I went to a bar for a friend’s birthday and it was kinda weird not to drink, but it was awesome to wake up on Sunday without a headache!

If you decide to cut out drinking the key is making plans with people that don’t focus on alcohol. I have been doing lots of brunches, walks, and tea dates. In the evening I go to exercise classes and events that are positive for my health and wellbeing. I also stay in more and cook healthy meals. When I start to get FOMO for missing a crazy party, I just remember how much better I feel for not going out all the time. I also am doing different types of things for fun so I don’t feel deprived.

When you are hyped up it’s so easy to get overwhelmed. This feeling of having too much to do and not enough time is completely counterproductive because you spend so much time worrying about not having enough time! When you are able to slow down it’s easier to think clearly and just do what needs to be done. Rocket science I know!

There are time where going fast might serve you very well. If you have a crazy deadline or need to get a ton of stuff done it could be necessary to be in a state that’s a bit manic. But, what you need to remember is that it’s only a short burst so you don’t get addicted to this feeling. Calming your state down through various practices (breathing, meditation, yoga, etc) is vitally important.

I feel like my insomnia was a way for my body to communicate to me that it was time to make some changes. I didn’t listen for a long time and instead just tried to fix my sleeping. This never worked. What I’m now more aware of is that it was my whole lifestyle that needed to be changed.

Thanks for reading and if you have any recommendations for slowing down, please share them below :


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