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May 6, 2016 | Sparkly Love, Uncategorized


I can now say that I pulled off my second Make It solo! This last show in Vancouver was the one I felt most overwhelmed and nervous about. It has been 3 years since we had ever had a spring show, and this was the first one at the PNE Forum. Leading up to the weekend, I had a few sleepless nights hoping that I could pull it all off. Make It has such a strong reputation, and I always want to make sure I produce the best show I possibly can. My focus is always on the Makies and ensuring their happiness.

Overall Make It Vancouver went very well! The Sunday was almost as busy as our holiday show, which was amazing and unexpected. I know there’s a lot of improvements for next time, but I’m trying my hardest to be grateful for what was instead of what can be. Organizing both shows on my own was a big accomplishment, and I’m very proud of what I achieved.

Being proud of myself is something I still I find a bit weird and awkward. I think it’s because we aren’t really taught to acknowledge ourselves when we achieve something awesome. The coach I’m working with now made me set goals on what I was going to do when I reached my goals! At first I thought this crazy, but I realize how important it actually is.  

Life after Make It can be bittersweet. Last week I was busy tying up loose ends, and then on the weekend it was my 35th Birthday! Since I have been working so hard these last few months, I decided I wanted to celebrate with all my friends, so I threw a big party on my rooftop. It was lots of fun, but I realized that planning another event was probably not the best ideas because I felt pretty exhausted and wasn’t able to fully enjoy it.

Planning downtime and taking it easy is always a struggle for me. I love going fast, and find it uncomfortable to just chill for any length of time. Leading up to Make It, my schedule is so full that I go on autopilot, but when it’s done it can be hard for me to switch gears.

Over the years, I’ve adopted some spiritual practices to help me slow down and get more present. One of my favorites that I talked about in my last post, is floating. The first time I ever heard about Float House opening in Gastown 3 years ago, I was instantly intrigued. Since then I try to go as much as regularly as I can.

The brothers who own Float House, Mike and Andy have now become friends of mine. They’re super awesome guys and who are so passionate about what they are doing. A big part of their mission is to teach people about the importance of meditation and floating. One way they do this is by hosting a very popular podcast called Vancouver Real.

I was SUPER excited to be a guest, and had the best time being interviewed by them. The podcast is over an hour, and we covered a lot of amazing topics including mindfulness, creativity, entrepreneurship and of course floating. I feel it’s one of the best interviews I’ve ever done, and I think you’ll really enjoy it too. Please check it out and if you could also share it I would really appreciate it 🙂

On May 11th I’ll be hosting Chris Guillebeau in Vancouver for his book launch of Born for This. It’s such a fascinating book about how to find the work you’re meant to do, and Chris is an outstanding speaker too. Plus, one of my mentors Danielle LaPorte will also be speaking! She is truly an inspiration so you don’t want to miss it. The event is free and all you have to do is register here.

After the book launch my plan IS to relax a little bit. I’ve been feeling really connected to Vancouver lately and want to start doing the things I talk about but never seem to get around to doing. It’s such a glorious city and sometimes I take it for granted. I’m also really excited to relaunch Make It University and film more interviews for Make It TV.

Being done both Make It shows still feels surreal to me. Sometimes I search in my purse for flyers to leave at a coffee shop and then remember that I don’t have to do that anymore! What I’m most thankful for, is how much the Make It community (Makies and shoppers) stepped up and supported me. This is the reason the show has grown to what it is today.

Yesterday, a Facebook Memory popped up in my feed and it was an album of our very first Vancouver show 7 years ago. Looking through all of the photos of our show at the Roundhouse Community Centre made me realize how far we have really come. It’s pretty crazy actually! Back then I would have never dreamed that I would someday be running the shows on my own at the PNE Forum.

One of my biggest business lessons is sticking with something for the long haul. That’s what I attribute the success of Make It to. It’s only because we kept on doing it year after year that it grew into what it is today. There were so many times I wanted to give up, but I’m so thankful I didn’t 🙂


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