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Oct 8, 2015 | Sparkly Love


Organizing an event like Make It means there’s a whole lot of hustle involved. Over the past 7 years, we have grown the shows from 25 exhibitors and 1000 customers, to 250 exhibitors and over 18,000 customers! For the 2 months leading up to the shows I basically turn into a blonde-haired-hype-machine!

I’m naturally enthusiastic, so getting people excited about an idea is super fun for me. I think that’s why I love promoting Make It so much. It’s the best feeling in the world to see people come out and support our Makies. To witness someone doing what they are passionate about AND make a living fills my heart with SO much joy. Just thinking about it now is making me smile 🙂

There are ways that hustling can go very wrong. When it’s done from a place of desperation, greed or selfishness it will backfire big time. Deceptiveness will also always come to bite you in the ass because people will eventually figure out what’s going on. Sneakiness is never sustainable.

Husting simply must come from the heart. So what does that mean exactly? It means that you have to care (a lot!) about who you are serving and why you are doing it. When you put someone else’s needs before your own, it automatically creates a strong vibration that will pull people in.

Back 6 years ago, Chandler and I were extremely fortunate to have the amazing Danielle La Porte coach us. It was right before we launched Make It in Vancouver and the biggest AHA was her telling us to treat our exhibitors like rockstars and everything would fall into place. This was simple, but revolutionary because so many events don’t focus on serving the exhibitors first.

Because I started out as a designer (if you are interested in my Booty Beltz journey you can read about it here) I naturally wanted to make sure my peers were happy. But after Danielle made that statement everything shifted. By firing up the Makies and ensuring they feel like they mattered and are cared for, automatically makes them want to let their friend know about Make It. It’s a powerful win-win, mutually beneficial relationship that has allowed us to grow the show to what it is today.

This idea can be applied to any sort of business. When you do everything with positive intentions and make people feel like you want to serve them, they respond the same way back to you. Good vibes attract good vibes. It’s science!

People want to be seen, heard and acknowledged. Let your customers know that you are in business to make their lives better, and this will ripple its way out and attract an abundance of new customers and maintain loyalty. Money, success and all that fun jazz will soon follow. The more people benefit from what you are doing, the more sales you will naturally have. Again science!

The perfect hype storm is created when a desirable call to action is aligned with excitement, love and energy. It’s also helpful to visualize people benefiting from what you are putting out. Before each Make It show, I always do a meditation where I see thousands of people coming to the show and spending piles of cash at all the booths. So far real life has been pretty damn close to my vision.

I don’t think anyone can be an effective hustler if they aren’t having any fun doing it. Telling people able Make It and seeing them get excited about the show is awesome! If you aren’t sure how to do this for your own business, practice on friends and family because they will be able to give you some tips on how to pump up the jam.

When you shift your focus from yourself to the people you are helping, something magical happens. It opens up the floodgates of how you can be of most service in the world and use your talents and gifts. We need to share these with each other to make the world a more amazing place.

If you have any examples of how you hustle with your heart please share them below.






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